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All College EIIN Number Bangladesh | www.xiclassadmission.gov.bd. XI class admission process will be started from 26 May, 2016. HSC admission process is online based. Students can apply also from Teletalk Mobile SMS. According to HSC Admission Policy-2016 a student can choose maximum ten colleges. To identify or to select your desired college it is essential to know the EIIN Number of that college. EIIN No all renowned colleges of Bangladesh will be found here. Here I have arranged the College EIIN Number according to board wise.

College EIIN Number

Dhaka Board All College EIIN Number

Notre Dame College EIIN No: 108274
Rajuk Uttara Model College EIIN NO: 108573
Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka Cantonment EIIN No: 107855
Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College EIIN No: 108161
B C I C College EIIN No: 108222
Birsreshtha Munshi Abdulr Rouf Rifles College EIIN No: 108162
Bir Srestha Abdur Rauf College, Kamarkhali EIIN No: 108854
Cambrian College EIIN NO: 132140
Dhaka College EIIN No: 107977
Dhaka City College EIIN No: 107975
Dhaka Commerce College EIIN NO: 108207
Holy Cross College EIIN No: 131962

B. A. F Shaheen College, Tejgaon EIIN No: 107858

B. A. F Shaheen College, Kormitola EIIN No: 107859
Ideal School And College, Motijheel EIIN No: 108277
Milestone College EIIN No: 108572
Residential Model College EIIN No: 108258
SOS Hermann Gmeiner College EIIN NO: 108215
Saint Joseph Uccha Madhyamik Biddyalaya EIIN NO: 108259
Viquarunnasa Noon College EIIN NO: 108538

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Dhaka Board

Rajshahi Board All College EIIN Number

Rajshahi College EIIN No: 126490

New Govt. Degree College, Rajshahi EIIN No: 127038

Government Azizul Haque College

N. S. Govt. College, Nator EIIN No: 124235
Rajshahi Govt. Women’s College EIIN No: 126487
Govt. M. R. Women’s College, Bogra EIIN No: 119250
Shahid Bul Bul Govt. College, Pabna EIIN No: 125664
Joypur Hat Govt. Women’s College EIIN No: 121895
Ishurdi Govt. College EIIN No: 125552
Rajshahi University School EIIN No: 126773
Jahangirpur Govt. College EIIN No: 123407
Sherpur College EIIN No: 119808
Nawabganj Govt. College EIIN No: 124593
Joypur Hat Govt. College EIIN No: 121897
Ishwardi Women’s College EIIN No: 125553
Govt. B.M.C Women’s College, Naogaon EIIN No: 123487
Rani Bhawani Govt. Women’s College EIIN No: 124237
Naogaon Govt College EIIN No: 123488
Sirajganj Govt. College EIIN No: 128461
Bogra Cantonment Public School & College EIIN No: 119251
Pabna College EIIN No: 125661
Pabna Govt Women’s College EIIN No: 125665
Rajshahi Govt. City College EIIN No: 126489

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Rajshahi Board

Chittagong Board All College EIIN Number

Agrabad Mohila College EIIN NO: 104303
Coxbazar Govt Girls College EIIN NO: 106316
Chittagong College EIIN NO: 104532
Coxbazar City College EIIN NO: 106315
Raojan College, Chittagong EIIN NO: 104931
Ispahani Public School & College EIIN NO: 104711
Chittagong Model School & College EIIN NO: 133998
Chittagong Govt. Girls’ College EIIN NO: 104710
Cox’sbazar Govt. College EIIN NO: 105061
Mohila College Chittagong EIIN NO: 104528
Rangamati Govt. College College EIIN NO: 107818
Govt. Hazi Muhammad Mohsin College EIIN NO: 104527
Govt. City College, Chittagong EIIN NO: 104301
Govt Commarce College Chittagong EIIN NO: 104302

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Chittagong Board

Jessore Board All College EIIN Number

Government M. M. College, Jessore EIIN No: 116101
Govt. B. L. College, Khulna EIIN No:116954
Government P. C. College EIIN No: 114830
Government Mohela College, Jessore EIIN No: 116107
Magura Govt. Mohila College,Magura EIIN No: 118004
Government H. S. S. College, Magura EIIN No: 118003
Kushtia Government Girls’ College EIIN No: 117810
B.A.F Shaheen College, Jessore EIIN No: 116115
A. Rouf College EIIN No: 116556
Satkhira Government College EIIN No: 118906
Kushtia Islamia College EIIN No: 117809
Meherpur Govt. Mohela College EIIN No: 118343
Jhenaidah College EIIN No: 116551
Cantonment College, Jessore EIIN No: 116109
Police Line School And College EIIN No: 117818
Khulna Govt. Girls’ College EIIN No: 117107
Khulna Government College EIIN No: 117808
Government Victoria College, Narial EIIN No: 118527

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Jessore Board

Comilla Board All College EIIN Number

Comilla Govt. Women’s College EIIN NO: 105821
Comilla Govt. College EIIN NO: 105824
Noakhali Govt. Girls’ College EIIN NO: 107658
Comilla Victora Govt. College EIIN NO:105822
Noakhali Govt. College EIIN NO: 107659
Brahmanbaria Govt. Mohila College EIIN NO: 103191
Brahmanbaria Govt. College EIIN NO: 103294
Nawab Fayzunnesa Govt. College EIIN NO: 105955
Feni Govt. College EIIN NO: 106642
Al- Amin Acadamy EIIN NO: 103574
Feni City College EIIN NO: 135399
Chandpur Govt. Girls’ College EIIN NO: 103570
Chandpur Mohila College, Chandpur, Comilla EIIN NO: 105404
Laxmipur Govt. College EIIN NO: 106998
Laxmipur Govt. Girls’ College EIIN NO: 106997
Comilla Shikkha Board Model College EIIN NO: 132092
Chandpur Govt. College EIIN NO: 103568

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Comilla Board

Barisal Board All College EIIN Number

Amritalal Dey College, Barisal EIIN NO: 100874
Barisal Government Women’s College EIIN NO: 100877
Barisal Govt. College EIIN NO: 100867
Barguna Government College EIIN NO: 100241
Borguna Government Mohila College EIIN NO: 100242
Barisal Model School And College EIIN NO: 132091
Government Fozilanatunnasa Mohila College EIIN NO: 101708
Jhalakhathi Government College EIIN NO: 101709
Patuakhaki Government College EIIN NO: 102596
Patuakhali Government Mohela College EIIN NO: 102593
Sher-E-Bangla Fazlul Haque College EIIN NO: 101710

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Barisal Board

Sylhet Board All College EIIN Number

Moulavibazar Govt. College EIIN No: 129730
Moulavibazar Govt. Women’s College EIIN No: 129729
Sreemangal Govt. College EIIN No: 129783
Sylhet Govt Women’s College EIIN No: 130453
Sylhet M. C. College EIIN No: 130457
Sylhet Govt. College EIIN No: 130450
Habigang Govt. Mohila College EIIN No: 129449
Sunamganj Govt. College EIIN No: 130051
Sunamganj Govt. Womens College EIIN No: 130050
Bianibazar Govt. College EIIN No: 130172

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Sylhet Board

Dinajpur Board All College EIIN Number

Dinajpur Govt. Women’s College EIIN No: 120822
Thakurgaon Govt. Women’s College EIIN No: 129308
Govt. Begum Rokeya College, Rangpur EIIN No: 127485
Carmichael College EIIN No: 127489
Kurigram Government College EIIN No: 122331
Cantonment Public School And College, Rangpur EIIN No: 127500
Nilphamari Govt. College EIIN No: 125189
Nilphamari Govt. Women’s College EIIN No: 125188
Panchagarh Govt Women’s College EIIN No: 126148
Police Lines School & College, Rangpur EIIN No:127501
Rangpur Govt. College EIIN No: 127484
Kurigram Government Women’s College EIIN No: 122330
Pirganj Govt. College EIIN No: 128965
Thakurgaon Govt. College EIIN No: 129305
Dinajpur Govt. College EIIN No: 120818

Download All Colleges EIIN No of Dinajpur Board

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