7 Appliances you need in your kitchen this Ramadan

7 Appliances you need in your kitchen this Ramadan

It is time to bag a bargain for your kitchen before the arrival of Ramadan. Upgrade your kitchen appliances in Bangladesh that will allow you to maximize your worship time in this holy month.

7 Appliances you need in your kitchen this Ramadan

There is very little time left in the arrival of Ramadan. It is one of the holiest months for Muslims all over the world during which they fast and worship. The fast timings are from Fajr to Maghrib, after which the fast is broken with great feast.

There are many households in which women spend much of their time in the kitchen to prepare Sehri as well as Iftari, instead of praying. Keeping such things in mind, Kaymu offers Ramdan 2016 Kitchen appliances that allow less preparation time for food with less manual labour.

Read further to get a complete guide for must have kitchen accessories that provide convenience to the women during the holy month.

Top 7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan.


7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan - Oven

Ovens are important for gourmet cooking. There are dual ovens present today which allow you to cook food and also keep it warm. Mix the ingredients and put them in the oven to bake them. There are time and temperature settings so you won’t need to stand in the scorching heat this Ramadan and simply put the food into the oven so that it remains fresh and tasty during the time of Iftar or Sehri.


7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan - Freezer

Women can save a lot of time if they prepare food beforehand and save it in the freezers. There are different sizes of freezers available, such as at Daraz, so that customers can order their required freezer online, based on the storage capacity. These are the best home kitchen appliances as you can freeze processed food, ice creams, raw meat and vegetables, etc. without frequently visiting the grocery shops in Ramadan.


7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan - Juicer

After a long fast, you need instant energy in your body which can be obtained through juices and liquid intake. A glass of juice or smoothie is must in Ramadan to break a fast. Save your time by instantly making a juice through a juicer. These have variable speeds and capacity for producing juices. It allows pulp extraction of fruits and vegetables.

Grinders and mixers

7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan - Grinders and mixers

These appliances make your kitchen duties simpler and easier. Simply add in the food ingredients and prepare a variety of food in no time. You can also grind meat in the grinders. These appliances have strong stainless steel blades which allow efficient mixing of the ingredients. The speed is adjustable. These kitchen utensils buy online from Kaymu at affordable rates.

Warming drawer

7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan - Warming Drawer

When deciding to have get together in Ramadan, you don’t need to spend the whole day in the kitchen. Cook food whenever you get time and place it in the warmer so that it stays warm until the time of Iftari. Similarly, you can food during the evening and keep it warm till the time of Sehri, instead of preparing a fresh meal.

Pots and Pans

7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan - Pots and Pans

You cannot cook food without these utensils. There are different types of pans that allow you to cook food conveniently. Sauté pans are used for stirred meat and vegetables. There are deep frying pans to cook fried food. Then there are pots to prepare curries, etc. Non-stick pots and pans are best to use.

Burner stove

7 Kitchen Accessories for Ramadan - Burner Stove

Buy a burner stove that has around 4-6 stoves. This allows you to cook different meals simultaneously, thus saving your time for prayer. Both gas and electric burners must be used so that sufficient heat is provided to cook the food. These are safe to use and versatile in nature.

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